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We are six women: Yasna Iskhaki, Anna Topchilova, Zhenya from Novosibirsk, Arina, Zlata and Augusta (name changed) and we decided to talk about our relationship experiences with a prisoner of the “Network case” – Arman Sagynbaev.

The purpose of our publication: to warn women about what Arman is capable of with regard to women. Now Arman communicates with a large number of women by correspondence, tries to build relationships with them, offers to become a wife and have intimacy. This means that he will be able to use violence against these women, break their fates, squeeze everything out of them, and transmit one of them HIV without her knowledge and consent (in case of marriage, but he actively proposes marriage).

We want other women to know what kind of person he is. When Arman will leave the prison, he will be in the status of a victim of the regime, which for many women automatically means full confidence in him as a person and as a partner. We want people to know not only that he suffered from the regime, but also about his victims.

If you, just like us, want to stop Arman’s violence against women, then please share the link to this site with our stories. Only information can help those with whom Arman is chatting now, not to become his next victim.
We are sure that if a law against domestic violence existed in Russia, the victims of Arman would be more protected from his threats, violence, and persecution. We hope that our stories will be another argument that we need a law, we need security orders.

Trigger warning: sexual and physical violence, sadistic coercive sex, HIV infection, sex with a minor, humiliation, suicide, attempted drowning, blackmailing with homemade porn, recording porn without the consent of the partner.

Translated by Akril

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