Augusta’s Story

*The name of the girl has been changed since she wished to remain anonymous.

This man, Arman Sagynbayev, infected me with HIV. It happened about 6 years ago. I was 17 years old, it happened out of stupidity, but it seemed to me that this was love and I had no idea that he had HIV. It wasn’t love at all but Arman was just an abuser and manipulator.

He introduced himself to me as Andrei, a vegan and animal rights activist (at that time I was a vegetarian myself). In the end, he accused me of the fact that I had infected him with HIV. I was a virgin when we met… I was in shock. But since it was difficult for me to get rid of the abuser, I returned to him, because I myself am not psychologically stable, I have OCD (/* obsessive-compulsive disorder */) and it is easy to put pressure on me with pity.

He treated me terribly. I used to give him all the salary from the work of the waiter. He lied to me and was shoplifting. Sex was cruel and violent. He forced to endure long and painful acts. He forced me to wax play and bondage. I also have an eating disorder, he knew this and said that I have to lose more weight. Then I got sick with bulimia. Sometimes I did not eat anything at all for 3 days while being together with him. But he put pressure on pity with tears and entreaties .. When I got sick, I realized what a fool I was. But I still kept in touch with him for some time.

From the editors of the site: if there is a class-action lawsuit, the author of the story is ready to join.

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