Zlata’s Story


This is Arman Sagynbaev, a prisoner of the “Network case”, which I think you heard about. But perhaps you did not know that he was not only a political prisoner, but also a rapist and abuser who mocked girls, humiliated them, raped them, lived at their expense and infected with HIV.

I am one of these girls. And I’m one of those who he has infected with HIV. I don’t have the strength to describe now what happened during our relationship, but someday I can talk about it.

I really want to share the information about what Arman did in order to protect and warn other women about what awaits them. After all, when he is released, he will be a political prisoner hero, a victim of the system, and he will be able to use it to seduce girls and continue to mock them.Not all political prisoners are a priori good.

Zlata, didn’t you know that he was HIV + before you met?

No, he told me about it after breaking up.

Editor’s Note: Zlata was 14 years old during her relationship with Arman Sagynbaev.

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